Gayley Gains Health Outside the Gym

Planning and Real Estate’s Rebekah Gayley is stepping outside her comfort zone to participate in the Ross Heart Hospital Tri-Fit Challenge. On July 16, she will team up with fellow A&P employees Shannon Rice (HR) and Nicole Holman (Communications) for a 22.75-mile bike ride.

“They’re to blame,” Gayley said while laughing. “I was flattered that they thought I could do it, it’s a good challenge.”

The long ride is a big departure for Gayley, who does not conform to the traditional meaning of “working out.”

“I can’t remember the last time I was at a gym to actually do a workout,” Gayley said. “Running on a treadmill or doing something with weights in the gym doesn’t hold my attention very well.”

Don’t get her wrong, Gayley values her physical health, but she just finds different ways of maintaining it.

Instead of spinning class, Gayley bikes 2-and-a-half miles to work two to three times a week during the summer. She doesn't lift weights, but works in her yard. Long runs are replaced by chasing her two young daughters in the back yard or strapping her 25-pound, 18-month old in a carrier for a long walk around the neighborhood.

“I still want to be healthy, so I’ve found little things I can do instead of spending an hour at the gym,” she said. “You don’t necessarily think of it as exercise, but it keeps you active, keeps you moving.”

Lately Gayley has biked to work more than usual and has been taking longer rides on the weekends to ready herself for the race.

“It holds you accountable. I don’t want to come in dead last on race day.”