Building Information Modeling



BIM for Existing Buildings

Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides a 3D model of a building’s space that includes interior and exterior information utilizing Autodesk Revit software. We are investigating ways to improve way finding, recruitment of faculty, staff and researchers, asset management, and disaster planning through the further use of BIM. This project has also placed Ohio State as a national leader in the use of BIM for existing buildings.


BIM for Design and Construction

The Ohio State University’s Building Information Model Project Delivery Standard (BIM PDS) is a reference manual to understand what relevant 3D geometry and data shall be delivered. Project Teams working on BIM-enabled University projects will be responsible for documenting the people, process and technologies that will ensure adherence to this BIM PDS.

This standard encompasses the development of the following key BIM Project Deliverables:

In addition, OSU has released a group of tools to aid in meeting the expectations of the Project Delivery Standard. The included tools are:

  • Revit Model Checker instructions
  • COBie Toolkit instructions and configuration file
  • COBie to Asset Worksheet macro


BIM for Existing Buildings

Building Rendering Gallery

Building Project Delivery Standard Overview