Technology Assists Autumn Landscaping

The Ohio State University is using technology to assess and plan for landscaping that keeps campus beautiful year-round. Certified drone pilots from Planning, Architecture and Real Estate (PARE) partnered with Ohio State’s Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) to take aerial images of The Oval this week.

“Advancements in technology allow us to quickly take a birds-eye view to assess where turf repairs are needed on a broader scale,” said Mike Koeritzer, FOD Landscape Services Superintendent. “Having this service available within the university is valuable for operational efficiency when reviewing landscaping, rooftops and other maintenance needs.”

The FOD Landscaping Services team maintains more than 1,665 acres on the Columbus campus that includes breathtaking views on The Oval and nearby Mirror Lake. Over the next several weeks, the identified areas will receive additional care, including fertilization, aeration and additional seeding.

Following major events on The Oval, staff provide more attention to areas needing intensive restoration. Steps may include:

  • Blowing or sweeping the matted down grass so that it stands back up to reduce potential for disease and help dry the surface.
  • Seeding the identified areas.
  • Application of fungicide to protect seedlings and reduce the existing pathogen population.
  • Application of a light rate of sprayable fertilizer with the fungicide application to stimulate growth.
  • Filling and seeding any areas that are missing sod.
  • Filling and seeding, or rolling, ruts – depending on severity.
  • Programming the irrigation system to run short cycles 2-3 times per day to keep grass seeds moist.

According to FOD Landscape Services, seeding during the autumn delivers added benefits by allowing the grass roots to become more established by spring.