Framework 2.0

What is Framework 2.0?

Published in 2017, Framework 2.0 is a planning vision and a collaborative update of the 2010 Framework 1.0 plan. Framework 2.0 is guide for possible areas of future development at Ohio State's Columbus campus, focusing more on the campus’ physical needs and capacity than on specific proposals. A living, flexible plan designed to allow for modification based on strategy during the next decade and beyond, Framework 2.0 supports the academic mission while maintaining and improving green areas.

For the latest information on construction related to Framework 2.0, please visit Time and Change: Building the Future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Framework 2.0 updated in 2017?

  • The university must re-envision its role as a public research university of the future in the modern light of the 21st century. After making significant progress on the 2010 One Ohio State Framework Plan, campus planners began to engage faculty, staff and students for the next iteration of the framework through a series of surveys, open meetings and reviews. That process was completed in 2017.

What is the planning timeline?

  • Framework 2.0 is a living, flexible plan designed to allow for additions and revisions to meet future needs. The plan will help guide Ohio State’s physical campus during the next decade and beyond. Key milestones are listed below.
    • Autumn 2015 - Existing Conditions Analysis
    • Winter-Summer 2016 - Design Alternatives
    • Autumn 2016 - Framework 2.0 Updates
    • Spring 2017 - Framework 2.0 Published
    • Fall 2017 - 5 Major Projects Announced as Framework 2.0 Next Steps

Have any Framework 2.0 construction project started or been completed?

  • While Framework 2.0 is a broader planning vision, individual projects over $4 million require Board of Trustees approval. For the latest information on construction related to Framework 2.0, please visit Time and Change: Building the Future.

Does Framework 2.0 look at all areas of campus?

  • Framework 2.0 is a long-term planning vision for the physical development of the Columbus campus in support of Ohio State's stategic plan. Framework 2.0 identifies districts, such as the medical center, west campus (now referred to as the innovation district), athletics and more.

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Time and Change: building the future

Knowlton School of Architecture Insights

During the 2016 autumn semester, two city and regional planning classes at the Knowlton School of Architecture were asked to analyze the Framework, its effectiveness of urban and design implementation and recommend areas for improvement.  For information, review the different projects - Academic Core North, 15th and High Street, Health Sciences and Science and Technology.