Framework 3.0

Framework 3.0

The Ohio State University is embarking on a study to update the campus master plan, Framework 2.0. The next iteration of the university’s long-term vision for its physical environment, Framework 3.0, will begin with a refresh of baseline facility data and take into consideration the following areas of focus:

  • Faculty and enrollment growth
  • Research funding goals and facilities strategies
  • Innovation District planning and development
  • Post-pandemic space needs
  • Academic core backfill opportunities
  • Campus landscapes, streets, and connectivity
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Facility condition and deferred maintenance planning

The study is expected to be completed by late 2023. Continue to check this page for more information or an opportunity to get involved in the conversation!


Framework 2.0

Published in 2017, Framework 2.0 is a planning vision and a collaborative update of the original 2010 Framework Plan. Framework 2.0 is guide for possible areas of future development at Ohio State's Columbus campus, focusing more on the campus’ physical needs and capacity than on specific proposals. A living, flexible plan designed to allow for modification based on strategy during the next decade and beyond, Framework 2.0 supports the academic mission while maintaining and improving green areas.

For the latest information on construction related to Framework 2.0, please visit Time and Change: Building the Future.