One Ohio State Framework

What is the One Ohio State Framework?

The One Ohio State Framework plan, completed in 2010, is a structure for expansion and renovation, ensuring the academic mission drives the physical environment, connecting ideas and information to implementation, and supporting access to an affordable, excellent education. The Framework consists of principles, a long-term vision, scenarios, tools, and process recommendations. Ohio State is now working to review 2010 plan assumptions, engage the university to inform and update the plan as part of Framework 2.0.

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A current snapshot of The Ohio State University

1,660+ Acres


530+ Buildings


25 Million Gross Square Feet

100,000+ Daily Population


58,000+ Total enrollment 


44,700+  Undergraduates


29,000+ Faculty and Staff

17 Colleges


200+ Undergraduate majors


12,000 Courses offered 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Why is the plan being updated?

Framework 2.0 will challenge the previous assumptions of the 2010 plan, validate or update plan principles and conduct an in-depth study into selected areas on campus. The focus of the update will be on the physical planning of the campus and its changes and build upon the previous and current projects implemented through the original One Ohio State Framework Plan.

What is the planning timeline?

  • Pre-Planning
    • Summer 2015
  • Existing Conditions Analysis
    • Autumn 2015
  • Design Alternatives
    • Winter / Summer 2016
  • Framework 2.0 Plan Updates
    • Autumn 2016

How can I get involved?

How can I share feedback?


Building the Framework

View the video from the Framework 2.0 Forum, which was held on February 18, 2016. Discussion topics included an overview of the planning process and schedule, a summary of opportunities and challenges, an update on planning principles and an outline of next steps.