Planning and Design

Planning and Design Services

Planning, Architecture and Real Estate offers several planning and design services, including capital planning, space planning, and physical planning. If you wish to make a request, please review the services below to get started.

Capital Planning

The Ohio State capital planning team facilitates the identification of capital needs, the analysis of capital needs, and develops the university’s annual Capital Investment Plan. The team also develops the university’s biennial request for State capital and coordinates the university’s follow-up work required after passage of the State Capital Bill.

Capital Planning process


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Space Planning

The Ohio State space planning team tracks and assigns all university space to various college departments and support units. The team also assists colleges and units with identifying additional space or relinquishing their assigned space. They also provide space studies, including recommendations to improve efficiency of existing space or identifying overages or shortages of space.

Space Planning process

Physical Planning

The Ohio State physical planning team assists university departments and units with making decisions for physical improvements campus wide. Some of these services might include a new building study, site study and master planning, disposition study, landscape changes and infrastructure needs.

Physical Planning process

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The Ohio State design team oversees the university's design process for building and landscape projects.  As part of this process, it manages the Design Review Board that considers projects for appropriateness to the campus context, impacts to infrastructure, and compatibility to the planning and design guidelines.

Design Guidelines for Buildings and Landscape

Design Review Process

Design Review Board
     Policies and Procedures
     Presentation Guide

University Signage Standards

Framework 2.0

Framework 2.0 is a planning vision and a collaborative update of the 2010 Framework 1.0 plan. This plan is a guide for stewardship of our physical campus, focusing more on the campus’ needs and capacity than on specific proposals. A living, flexible plan designed to allow for modification based on strategy over the next decade and beyond, Framework 2.0 supports the academic mission while maintaining and improving green areas.

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