In the News: Framework 3.0 Could Bring a More Community Feel

Amanda Hoffsis, Vice President of Planning, Architecture and Real Estate, spoke with Columbus Business First about Framework 3.0 and the shift in real estate mindset after the covid pandemic.

With many individuals being isolated for such a long period of time, they're ready to be in a more open, collaborative space. Hoffsis and her team are working on ways to make those feelings a reality in Framework 3.0. "They want to feel like they're part of something, and they want to be able to connect with others. It's not surprising coming out of Covid that we've recognized the importance of that, probably to a degree we didn't realize before. And it's showing up in the types of spaces that people want, and the designs of our spaces" Hoffsis said. 

Ohio State continues to narrow down different options and expects these plans will be finalized by this time next year, so that the university can start implementation. 

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