Campus Planners Share Framework 3.0 Engagement Findings

During fall 2022, Ohio State’s Planning, Architecture and Real Estate (PARE) held a series of engagement opportunities to gather feedback from students, faculty and staff to help inform long-term campus planning efforts as part of Framework 3.0. More than 30 listening sessions were held to engage in problem solving around spaces needs, multiple mini-poster “pop-up” sessions encouraged participants to define what an inclusive, welcoming space could be and an online survey invited feedback from the campus community regarding important campus planning topics.

Key themes for change included narrowing the gap in the quality of space across campus, improving wayfinding across campus, creating collaborative hybrid-friendly spaces, incorporating wellness and universal design, and providing more amenity spaces, among others. An online survey indicated that half of respondents felt engaged in campus life and culture and are interested in opportunities to enhance navigation around campus.

View Fall 2022 Engagement Findings

Facility data and stakeholder feedback will continue to inform Framework 3.0 campus planning efforts, which will continue through 2023.