Update on September Open House Regarding Ohio State West Campus

The Ohio State University will host a community open house to share information about zoning for a portion of its west campus.

The Ohio State University’s long-term planning vision, Framework 2.0, identified west campus as a future innovation district. As previously announced, the district will be anchored by three new projects along Kenny Road including an Interdisciplinary Research Facility, a co-located Energy Advancement and Innovation Center and West Campus Ambulatory Facilities.

Ohio State is now entering the City of Columbus' formal process to update portions of its west campus zoning. The effort intends to bring zoning up to 2019 contemporary code and standards and will address some setbacks and storm water management, but the approximately 300 acres will remain zoned as University College Research Park District (UCRPD). The university will not be requesting changes to the 150' no build zone along North Star Road.

The community open house will provide additional details and gather input from students, faculty, staff and neighbors. Residents of Columbus, Upper Arlington, Clinton Township and all nearby communities are welcome to attend.

Community Open House
Tuesday, September 24
6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
EWI Training Room
1250 Arthur E Adams Dr, Columbus OH 43221


Questions regarding the open house can be directed to Ohio State's Erin Prosser.

The City of Columbus public review process for rezoning will begin in October at the City of Columbus Development Commission with the goal to be considered for approval by the Columbus City Council in November.